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TW: Bananas are Bad [T]

Fandom: Torchwood
Title: Bananas are Bad
  In which Ianto bans bananas from the Hub.
Author: lt_indigo
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): Jack + banana. Do I need to say more?
Disclamer: Yeah, still don't own Torchwood.
Word count: 100 (YAY!)

Jack wasn’t allowed bananas. Ianto had instigated the rule after one was found lurking on top of the coffee machine. Jack decided it was just what he wanted for breakfast but, no, he couldn’t just eat it like a normal person. The things he did made Gwen blush (and stare, looking for tips that Jack seemed more than happy to provide). Tosh raised her eyebrows before turning to her computer. Owen swore quietly. Ianto stopped breathing, eyes wide, remembering that same talented tongue being used on him just hours beforehand. Jack’s eyes met his, gleaming wickedly, and he left, hurriedly.



For Tosh's perspective on the naughtiness, read 'An Unexpected Bonus'.

Tags: crack, fic, fluff, janto, smut, torchwood, weevil hunting series

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